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Who We Are

The Edo State Ministry of Education coordinates effective and efficient education service delivery and provides policy direction in all educational matters in the State

Ministry of Education

Our Objective is to provide good qualitative education for every Edo citizen by:

  1. Formulation and implementation of national and state educational policies.
  2. Establishment, Management and supervision of educational institutions.
  3. Conducts, supervises and monitors examination to ensure uniform standards.
  4. Provision and maintenance of infrastructure in public educational institutions.

The Ministry of Education serves as the “Parent Ministry” supervising the extra ministerial agencies listed as follows:

  • Edo State Universal Basic Education Board (SUBEB) responsible for managing Pre-Primary Education, Primary Education and Junior Secondary Education.
  • Post Primary Education Board responsible for managing Senior Secondary Education.
  • Edo State Library Board responsible for managing libraries across the State.
  • Board of Technical and Vocational Education and Training


“To provide a holistic education for every citizen and resident of Edo state that inculcates appropriate life skills, knowledge and values to support the realization of individual potential and the development of the state. “


To provide groups qualitative and functional education, in a conducive technology enabled, school environment, with effective teaching and learning that will result in positive change in the knowledge, skill and behavior of learners in Edo state.” 

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Godwin Obaseki

Executive Governor, Edo State

Omobayo Marvellous Godwins

Deputy Governor, Edo State

Dr. Joan Osa Oviawe Hon. Commissioner Of Education

Dr. Joan Osa Oviawe

Hon. Commissioner Of Education

Edo State Learning agenda (EDOBEST 2.0)

A roadmap of implementable monitoring, evaluating and learning activities in response to MOE’s vision for EDOBEST 2.0 and corresponding learning priorities for implementing sector-wide education reform.

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